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Known and respected throughout the industry, KMM works tirelessly for our clients' best interests before, during and after their careers.

Since our start in 2006, we have negotiated in excess of $200 Million for our clients through contracts, endorsements, and settlements. We are thorough, relentless & sincere; we possess a keen awareness of the impact of athletes on the world around them - and the responsibility that comes with success.

Why Kelli Masters & KMM Sports?

    • Kelli has been a certified NFLPA Contract Advisor since 2005
    • Kelli was named "Top 25 Most Influential Women in Sports" by Bleacher Report
    • Kelli was the first woman to represent a Top 5 pick in the NFL Draft
    • Kelli has drafted the NFLPA Agent Certification Exam on multiple occasions
    • Kelli is a consultant to NFLPA and NFL Commissioner's Office
    • Kelli is a popular Speaker on Sports Law and Business in the US and Australia
    • Kelli is a sought-after sports and nonprofit attorney, providing legal counsel to numerous players, coaches, schools and leaders in sports regarding business and philanthropic endeavors.
    • KMM Sports has represented multiple NFL Players selected to the Pro Bowl
    • KMM has negotiated more than $200 Million in NFL contracts, including multiple Veteran Contracts
    • KMM has represented 40+ NFL Players since 2005

Excellence - in ALL things:

    • Personalized and Professional Contract Negotiation and Management
    • Honesty & Integrity
    • Experience and Industry Knowledge
    • Relationships and Respect - Vast Network, Impeccable Reputation
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$ Million+
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Meet KMM Founder Kelli Masters

Kelli is widely recognized as one of the most influential women in sports business.

    • First woman to represent a Top 5 pick in the NFL Draft
    • Started KMM in 2006 and has represented players in every draft since
    • Became Shareholder/Director of Fellers Snider Law Firm in 2005; has now launched her own firm (Dulin Reneau) after 20 years in law practice
    • National and World Champion in Baton Twirling
    • Miss America contestant (Miss Oklahoma 1997)
    • Recognized Expert in Nonprofit Law
    • Adjunct Professor
    • International Speaker

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