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s a former world-class competitor, KMM Founder Kelli Masters understands the rigors of training and competition. She also possesses a keen awareness of the impact of athletes on the world around them – and the responsibility that comes with success.

As an attorney practicing business litigation and nonprofit law since 2000, Kelli has spent years representing companies, organizations and individuals including athletes and their families. After learning about the experiences of some athletes at the professional level, she began to investigate the business for herself.

In doing so, she learned that many athletes and their families did not truly have someone with solid legal experience who could offer trustworthy guidance and personal attention.

After much research and prayer, Kelli knew exactly what she needed to do. She became a registered sports agent in 2004, and first began working with Olympic athletes pursuing endorsements and appearances. Shortly thereafter, Kelli became certified by the NFL Players Association and founded Kelli Masters Management (“KMM”). Since then, she has successfully negotiated NFL players contracts each year, and has provided a full-service management team to address the needs of KMM athletes on and off the field.

Members of the KMM Family know that they are not only getting the best representation in pre-draft and contract negotiation services, but also the most care and attention to every other aspect of their lives.  Whether its legal services, branding and marketing, public relations, charitable involvement or one of the many other areas of a professional athlete’s life, KMM athletes understand they are in the best possible hands. 

Kelli is well known for her thorough and relentless pursuit of opportunities for her clients, as well as her refreshingly sincere demeanor. She and KMM have been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Southern Living Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Huffington Post and more.  Bleacher Report recognized Kelli as one the 25 Most Influential Women in Sports worldwide. She serves as President of Kelli Masters Management, and is Of Counsel with the law firm of Fellers, Snider, Blankenship, Bailey & Tippens, P.C.

Kelli and her team are blessed not only with a vast network of contacts in the worlds of football and baseball, but also with an outstanding team of consultants, including business partner W. Dale Reneau, Jr., Coach Barry Switzer, former NFL players, and former NFL personnel executives and coaches.