We work with each athlete to determine his very best plan for training and preparation for All Star Games, the NFL Scouting Combine, Pro Days, and Individual Workouts. This includes physical training and conditioning, position coaching, treatment, physical therapy (if necessary), massage therapy, film study, Wonderlic practice, interview training, media & social media coaching, meals & supplements, apparel & equipment, and everything he needs for success.


We have developed a tremendous network of scouts, analysts, and current & former NFL personnel who can provide detailed information about each player’s strengths, weaknesses and projections. We provide every team with all the information, game film and access to the player they need to prepare for Draft Day, so that each player receives the attention and consideration his talent deserves. We can work to ensure that each decision-maker has accurate information, and that each of our players is put in the best position to make the most of his opportunity.



As an experienced negotiator, Kelli Masters knows what it takes to get a deal done. She is thorough, prepared, skilled, resourceful and well-connected. And as an experienced attorney in the prestigious law firm of Fellers, Snider, Blankenship, Bailey & Tippens, she is surrounded by a powerful team of negotiators and litigators with several hundred years of combined experience in complex, multi-million dollar negotiations. As an agent and a lawyer, Kelli puts her clients’ interests first. She understands the importance of not only getting the best deal, but also creating a win-win situation for each player and his team.


Over the course of his career, an athlete may have other issues arise in connection with his playing contract. Kelli is well-versed in handling those issues, and will work with the NFLPA to represent and guide the player through the process.