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So proud of you @Tress_Way !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Had a wonderful night celebrating my dear friend @chrisbharrison , who was honored as @KappaSigmaHQ Man of the Year. Proud of you, friend!


Cam Newton said, “It’s time for me to look myself in the mirror” wearing this 😂😂 #CamNewton

South Carolina proposing a bill similar to CA's Fair Pay to Play Act is critical, because if the NCAA sues both CA and SC, the possibility of a circuit split emerges, making it more likely the Supreme Court will address the issue of NCAA athlete publicity rights.

First installment of my manuscript is due in 3 days...but I honestly believe I do my best writing when I’m facing a deadline. Anyone else? (I’m serious. I don’t procrastinate...much...)

This goes in the “Things I’d Rather Not Read About” category. 🙈🙈

NFL just announced a multiyear extension with Facebook  "that will deliver more diversified NFL video content to fans worldwide through Facebook Watch"

Will be discussing in Sports Law class at @okchristian today. (And I absolutely love teaching these students, by the way. Thankful for the opportunity to teach a subject I enjoy so much.)

Had the amazing opportunity to meet @boonepickens this past offseason. Incredible moments I’ll cherish forever. His generous contributions to Oklahoma State helped change our trajectory as a program and for that we will always be thankful! #RIPBoone https://t.co/FK9pSdLwNF

Don’t know who needs to hear this... but I’m rooting for you. Keep fighting and keep winning.

All these years I thought I enjoyed grocery shopping. Then tonight, while I was working feverishly at home, I realized I needed to pick up a few things from the store and make dinner. So I tried @Shipt . My life will never be the same. Seriously. #love #thankful #newbff

To women tagged here who are friends, and others who I don’t know but greatly respect, the @R_Denhollander book launch is one that I have to bring to your attention. Powerful & gut-wrenching. @sagesteele @ShannonBream @ainsleyearhardt @KMMsports @MeganAlexander @amylawrence71


“The question in life is not whether you get knocked down, YOU WILL! The question is, are you going to get right back up... and FIGHT for what you BELIEVE IN!”💪

Yes! And I’m joining the chorus on Twitter calling for more MNF doubleheaders. 😍

Blake Jarwin now has more 28+ yard touchdowns in his last two regular season games than Jason Witten has in the last seven years.

Check out who is getting major props on the Pregame show with @LindsCashDraper! @Jaws_47 great coming from @KMMsports

Dallas bound for #NYGvsDAL to see @Jaws_47 . Excited for the entire KMM Family as we kick off Week 1. Let’s do this!!!

“[Swinney] is not smashing Christianity in anyone’s face,” says Watkins. “He’s just trying to help us be better men. He’s not saying, 'You’ve got to be Christian.' He wants you to be a good person, a good man.” ❤️

I feel sorry for Antonio Brown. He’s been blessed with amazing talent but he’s lost track of the fact that football is a team game. So is life. He thinks he’s the victim but he’s missing out on the real joy that comes from being part of a team. He’ll be the big loser in the end!

Just got this call from a coach about one of my free agents:

“I’m trying to reach his agent. Who are you?”

“I’m his agent.”

“Oh I didn’t know he was represented by a GIRL.”

🤣🤣🤣And then we talked football. And about all the players this GIRL has repped over 15 years.😏

Buddy Hield is giving back to the devastations of Hurricane Dorian on his native Bahamas.

He's personally donated $100K, but could use your help.


Congrats to all the newly certified NFL agents out there! My advice: stay true to yourself & your values, be discerning about who you learn from & listen to, and build quality relationships. Work hard and treat others how you want to be treated!

✅ Taught sports law class
✅ Spoke at luncheon
✅ Negotiated shoe deal
✅ Negotiated injury settlement
✅ Team calls
✅ Player calls
✅ Filed brief in court
So much for easing back into the work week. 😳😳😳 #whataday

After graduating from Michigan State in 2015, Taybor Pepper's goal of being in the league never faded.

Read More >> https://t.co/q5IREjYmhg

Final rosters in the NFL are never final. This can be a harsh reality. However, it is definitely working out well for the KMM Family this year. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Keep the good news coming, please. 🙏🏻

Congratulations @TayborSnapping on becoming the @MiamiDolphins long snapper!! Thank you for trusting me throughout this crazy process. #KMMfam

Nolan Ryan had 7 no-hitters in his career...and 5 times he lost no-hitters in 9th inning. Dick Allen, Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Nelson Liriano and Dave Bergman broke up Nolan no-hitters in 9th https://t.co/XQ32z0gktI

Perhaps you’re far TOO qualified for Instagram! 😏😏

Taybor Pepper, who has been let go, had a solid showing against the Patriots in handling the long-snapping duties. His snaps were on target and were timely, plus he was usually one of the first men down the field on punt coverage. https://t.co/qoTC8qyNyy

My husband when I’m trying to talk about NFL trade rules during date night... 😂

Long day (actually, long month) of travel & work...quite the roller coaster. But ended it watching #CFB which is never a bad thing. 🏈❤️ Time for some sleep!

Reminder: all players waived today are able to be claimed by Sunday at Noon EST, not tomorrow at 4 PM EST. That helps streamline the roster reduction process during the busiest transaction weekend of the NFL calendar.

Loved seeing my KMM Family tonight! NFL Preseason 2019 is in the books! @Tress_Way @PatrickVahe


“That’s the moment we’ve been waiting for.” 😭🙌🏻 @_dreamjg #KMMfam

Last NFL Preseason game of 2019! 🙏🏻 @Tress_Way @PatrickVahe #KMMfam #HTTR #RavensFlock

Real talk about what it's really like to be cut in the NFL...thank you @espn for asking me to contribute. https://t.co/VejsWhTBFm

Incredibly proud of each and every KMM player...they have each battled through this preseason and have made the most of every opportunity. I am beyond inspired by them and honored to be part of their lives. The future is bright indeed! #KMMfam

After sharing a message from the heart last night with @MiamiRedHawks I’ve heard from SO many student athletes. It makes me so happy to be able to encourage young people who want to be excellent AND live impactful fulfilling lives. They give me hope for the future! #worldchangers

So nice to be home again for a few hours. After a long day catching up at the office, I got to cook, clean, play with the grandkids and enjoy some normal life stuff before heading back on the road for the final preseason game. Life is hectic but wonderful. ❤️

Loved my 1st visit to @miamiuniversity - what an incredible group of student athletes! #LoveAndHonor

What I’m missing back home... 😳

Yikes, y’all. Be safe OKC!

A night of Celebrating Champions! Heard great things from guest speaker @KMMsports and celebrated so much greatness from all the @MiamiRedHawks!


Just landed back in Cincy after less than 15 hours at home...but so excited to be here! Big day with @MiamiRedHawks . 🙌🏻🎉

Tonight I surprised my dearest friend Sheri in Tampa on her birthday! She & her family just returned from serving in the Army in Germany. So thankful for this amazing woman (my @MissAmericaOrg sister)!

Incredibly excited about everything happening with #KMM right now...literally can’t believe it. Can’t wait to share more! #thankful #happy #letsgo #KMMfamisgrowing

Can I just say, I am SO glad to have friends I can talk to in this crazy sports agent business?! Thankful to have friends who truly “get it.” #youknowwhoyouare

Tampa tomorrow for the Bucs vs. Browns game....can’t wait!! 🏈✈️

So awesome seeing @keatonsuds and @TayborSnapping in action tonight! Very proud of my #KMMfamily !


Amazing!! So happy for you @jeremycamp ! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

On the road again! Excited to see the rest of the KMM Family this week and next... #letsgo #NYGvsCIN #CLEvsTB #BALvsWAS #NFLPreseason

Be present. You don’t need to have everything figured out, but you DO need to be focused on discovering who you are meant to be. That is a process, but it can be a fun one. Enjoy the journey!

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