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NFL won't vote on overtime rule to guarantee both teams a possession https://t.co/1EDvfd1WzM

Incredibly proud of every KMM athlete tonight. They have each fought so hard to get where they are. Praying that each one is blessed beyond measure!!! #OTAs #KMMfam

"Having a mission to fight for those who can't fight for themselves had my mind racing."

How @JOEL9ONE inspired @NateBoyer37 to battle Tanzania's water crisis together: https://t.co/PR1ag3zRAa

📺: The Way Up - Chris Long & The Waterboys, TONIGHT (8pm ET)

NFL Player Engagement provides NFL Players Job Shadow & Internship Opportunities...Check out this success story! DM us for more information!

Honored to know you Scott. This is incredibly well done. Congratulations to you and to all the grads.

Stranger: you want some candy?
Me: *calls cops

Stranger but also my Uber driver: you want some candy?
Me: omg that’s so considerate five stars I love you

“Failure is just not trying.” Absolutely LOVE this message! Look for the hidden gifts...

NFL & NFLPA jointly announced creation of a Comprehensive Mental Health & Wellness Committee, which will develop educational programs & collaborate with mental health/suicide prevention orgs. Teams must also retain a Behavioral Health Team Clinician by start of Training Camp.

NFL rookie contracts look a lot different than they used to.

@AndrewBrandt on the handful of terms teams and agents fight over: https://t.co/oJwVkYPrgx

Really important debate tonight...I say Roger Moore is THE James Bond. Hubby says Sean Connery. What do y’all think? Who is your 007? #Bond #JamesBond

Having lived in the South OKC/Moore area for 20 yrs now, I can say this to my fellow Okies:
- Make sure you really do have a plan for tomorrow.
- Check on friends who may need shelter.
- Tomorrow may be really bad...or not. If not, be THANKFUL. If it is, be READY.
Praying! #okwx

Watching @AmericanIdol for the first time in a while...and I’m in tears over Alejandro Arenda @scarypoolparty . What a talent! What a story! 😭

Recently I watched a panel where one of the speakers attacked the notion that “Failure is not an option.” And I agree! Failing is part of the success process. Through it we grow, learn & change for the better. I think it’s much better to say “Never lose hope.” 🙌🏻

Subscribe to @extractlabs during the month of May on youtube and they’ll donate 1$ to #FightForTheForgotten

My 1st year competing at the elite level in my sport, I placed 64th at Nationals. Yep, 64th. But I persevered, knowing that if I refused to quit & dedicated myself to perfecting my craft, I’d get my breakthrough and things would start to click. They did. The next year? Top 10...

Just referred to a tornado shelter as a “fraidy hole” and my husband looked at me like I had three eyes. 😂 Am I the only one who grew up calling them fraidy holes?

Highest paid NFL players combined salaries by College (@Forbes):

1. Georgia - $788.3M

2. California - $719.0M

3. USC - $681.7M

4. LSU - $654.9M

5. Alabama - $651.1M

6. Miami - $577.3M

7. Florida - $494.4M

8. Oklahoma - $483.3M

9. Ohio St - $445.0M

10. Michigan - $443.9M

So thankful tonight. Have you ever made a list of all the things you’re thankful for? Do it! Tonight! And don’t forget to include all the stuff that has made you stronger...taught you lessons...grew your faith. All that. Gratitude can make all the difference. #begrateful

"When we choose to be real with each other and with God, we can live and act in the freedom and strength God offers us. We can live life to the full."
– @Tress_Way, @Redskins Punter


We're hiring! Check our updated jobs page to see if there's a position open for you!


Working on the upcoming “KMM Family Weekend” in OKC this June. Excited to have the WHOLE family together, preparing for the season and giving back to the community. ❤️❤️ (If you’re in OKC & want to be part of our efforts, let me know!)

As a woman who considers herself a pioneer, this moved me. I’m proud to know Kelli. She’s more than an NFL agent. She an agent of change. I can get on board with that. #findyourpurpose @KMMsports https://t.co/WWMw2ECICL

Have you ever heard the “Acres of Diamonds” story, a true story originally shared by Russell Conwell, founder of @TempleUniv ? If not, look it up. Wow. Recently heard it and can’t stop thinking about it. So powerful.

.@AndrewBrandt’s Business of Football column explains rookie contract negotiations. He also shares thoughts on his former colleague Ted Thompson: https://t.co/zhm1uPqbkK

In less the 2 weeks both BLETSO and National (2 scouting services that NFL uses) will be holding their annual spring meetings to go over their spring grades this provides a road map for the 2020 #nfldraft #nfl #collegefootball @BoMarchionte @InsideTheLeague

This post! 😭 Someone who knew me and thought my life was “easy” and “perfect” was moved when I shared my real story ⁦⁦@TEDx⁩ . As a friend once said “You can impress people with your success, or impact them with your vulnerability.” https://t.co/f5lIiDvUHb

Congratulations y’all! We successfully completed Monday! 😁 As for the rest of the week...you’ve got this. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #faith #joy #purpose

Congratulations @PatrickVahe - officially signed today by the @Ravens !! Let’s gooooo! @TexasFootball #RavensFlock

Over past 5 years here in the average per position that have been drafted in the #nfldraft
#nfl #collegefootball #football

Note to anyone who feels unappreciated...ask yourself this: Are you just serving people? Or are you serving your purpose? If you’re serving a higher calling, your reward is from a higher power. If people don’t appreciate your efforts, do it anyway. 🙏🏻❤️

Big week ahead - full of challenges. Sometimes I have to remind myself to be GRATEFUL for challenges, instead of dreading them. Without them I’d never grow. Here’s to a non-boring life! 😊 #perspective

Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong, loving, nurturing, resilient mama’s out there. May you be honored and celebrated- today and every day! 💗

When you are tempted to beat yourself up over a failure, mistake or misstep, remember this: failure is often an important part of success. Failure can even be a gift. So give yourself permission to fail!! Then learn and grow.

“To know me, you have to know where I’ve come from.”
Learn more about rookie Jalen Guyton who has earned himself an opportunity with the #DallasCowboys. #EarnTheStar

📰 https://t.co/0hKAgCoYr5

Best thing I’ve seen at rookie camp: UDFA WR Jalen Guyton was giving an interview at Dak’s locker when Dak walked in from a workout. Guyton hopped up QUICK, only for Dak to shake his hand and say “sit back down, I was just grabbing a hat.” 😂


Don’t give up. No matter how much you’re hurting, your breakthrough is right around the corner.

Kyler Murray, as all draft picks, knew his financial compensation the moment he was drafted, all predetermined by CBA. Negotiable items include payment terms of bonus, contract language, structure and offsets.

Being an NFL agent is a battle. But it is so worth it. So proud to see that gender is no longer a barrier. But it wasn’t easy to get to this point.

“I know you've taken it in the teeth out there, but the first guy through the wall — he always gets bloody. Always.” Moneyball

“When it’s not a news story, we will have arrived,” Masters said. NFL agency is changing, and it's because of women https://t.co/hsiTJMh6vD via @YahooSports

Two young women in business share their “aha” moments after watching my @TEDx talk. This makes my heart happy. ❤️ https://t.co/BlZOByxm4C

John Dorsey didn't have a first round pick this year. So what did he do during the first round?

Call other GMs and mess with them when they're on the clock.

1 month until the 7th annual Daniel Summit. If you work in sports (pro or minor league, college, agency, brand, etc)...from entry level to C-level...join hundreds of executives passionate about excellence personally & professionally. Register today https://t.co/ts7wql6TZO

Advice to rookies: keep your eyes open and your mouth shut! If the vets don’t talk to you, dont take offense to it, they’ll talk to you when you‘re not a rookie anymore

Do you ever struggle with feeling unfulfilled? Or with comparing yourself or your life to others? You’re not alone. But here’s how to end that: shift your focus. Instead of trying to live an impressive life, focus on serving your God-given purpose. And the key word is SERVE.

Huge weekend for many rookies in the NFL, including most KMM rookies. Praying for health, protection, wisdom, clarity, and favor for each of them as they step into this new chapter in their lives!

My Kindergarten teacher retired today! 😭💗 Mrs. Surritte deeply impacted my life with her passion for teaching and her loving spirit. When I was little, she would cry with me when I was sad. Today, 40 years later, we cried together one last time....love you Mrs. Surritte.

“Let go of your need to impress others. Discover your purpose, focus on that. And give yourself permission to fail!”

Need to be encouraged? Watch this:
@YouTube @tedx @tedxokc


If this applies to you, please participate - if it doesn't please share far and wide!
@espnW @espn @WomenLeadersCS @NFL @nflnetwork @MLB @NBA @WNBA @NHL @WINforKC https://t.co/khJdtLDCSm

The rookies are headed to #DUUUVAL

Follow their trip on our Instagram story this week.


The BEST!! (Wait...didn’t I run into you at Italian Express once? After loading my to-go box with ALL the carbs?)

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